Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme New Residential and Industrial Plots Application Form Brochure PDF

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Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has launched new residential and industrial plot scheme on February 20. Under Yamuna Expressway plot scheme, residential plots will be available in sector 18, sec 20 and sector 22D among other areas. YEIDA Industrial plots will be offered in sector 29, sector 32 and others.

Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has launched new plot scheme for residential and industrial in sectors 18, 20, 22D, 29 and 32 Greater Noida  Uttar Pradesh. The application Process for YEIDA residential and industrial plots has been started from February 20. Allotment of these residential and industrials plots is done by lucky draw after submission of application form. The draw result of YEIDA Plot Scheme will be carried out in end of March. 

Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme Overview

The overview of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority new residential and industrial plots scheme. Scheme : YEIDA Plots Scheme.

Location of Residential Plots : Sector 18, Sector 20 and Sector 22D Greater Noida UP.

Location of Industrial Plots : Sector 29 and Sector 32 Greater Noida UP.

Authority : Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority.

Scheme Brochure : Download

YEIDA Plots Size

YEIDA Residential Plots Sizes : Yamuna Expressway residential plots will be available in sizes of 60 square meters, 90 square meters, 300 square meters and a few plots of 4000 square meters.

YEIDA Industrial Plots Sizes : Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority offering plots sizes of 450 square meters, 800 square meters, 1200 square meters, 3000 square meters and 4000 square meters. The maximum size of the industrial plots will be 4000 square meters.

How to apply for Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme

The complete process of application for Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority residential and industrial plot scheme [y] is given below.

Step 1 : Download scheme brochure from Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority website at http://yamunaexpresswayauthority.com.

Step 2 : Direct link to download Brochure http://yamunaexpresswayauthority.com/pdfdata/yeida-brouchure-new-10-2-2021.pdf.

Step 3 : Application form may submitted online through YEIDA Portal with online payment will processing fee as prescribed in Data Sheet.

Step 4 : The application may also be submitted in the listed banks along with a DD for the value equivalent to purchase cost as given data sheet. The DD shall be payable in Nodia/ Greater Noida / Delhi and drawn in favour of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority.

Step 5 : The duly filled in application form, all documents as given in section 1.5 processing fee and registration money as given in Data Sheet be submitted Online at YEIDA portal. An additional hardcopy of application and documents shall also be submitted in the office of the authority by applicant.

Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme Allotment Process

The allotment process of YEIDA plots is given below.

  • The application along with the requisite documents will be scrutinised by a screening committee. If the applications are found to be incomplete / information is incorrect, the authority shall inform the applicant about the deficiencies. The applicant can submit the required documents within 15 days of the issue of this letter.
  • If the applicant is unable to submit the required information within prescribed time, the application shall not be considered for allotment.
  • After Scrutiny of Application, the applicants will be called for interview / presentation before the allotment committee of YEIDA.
  • Applicants will be informed by YEIDA, at least 3 days prior to the scheduled date of their interview / presentation about the prescribed date, time and place of the presentation.
  • Allotment of Plots : After the selection process, the allotment Committee shall recommend the specific plot number from the available plots.
  • Issue of Allotment cum Allocation Letter : The allottee shall be informed about the allotment via an allotment cum allocation letter with spectific plot no. The allotment letter shall be issued within 30 days from the date of approval of allotment.
  • Deposit of Allotment Money : Applicant has to deposit allotment money as mentioned in Data Sheet.
  • In case the due Allotment Money as mentioned above is not deposited within the stipulated / extended period, the allotment of plot shall be cancelled without giving any opportunity in this regard and 10% of the Registration Money deposited shall be forfeited.

Unsuccessful Applicants

The registration money of unsuccessful applicants shall be returned / refunded to them without interest, if the period of deposit of such money with YEIDA is less than 1 year. If the period of deposit of money is more than 1 year, simple interest @4% p.a shall be paid.

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule of YEIDA Plots is given below.

Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme Payment Schedule 

Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme Payment Schedule 

Documents Required for YEIDA Plots Scheme 

  1. Project Report including
  • Feasibility Report of the proposed project.
  • 3 year projected cash flow of the project depicting sources inflow for the project.
  • Statement of sources of funds.
  • Land use pattern, construction plan and implementation schedule certified by the architect

2. Background of the Applicant and its promoters.

3. List of Directors and key Shareholders (All shareholders having minimum 10% stake) along with their shareholding or list of partners / trustees.

4. Audited Financial Statements of last 3 years.

5. Registration documents.

a) In case of Company

  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Registrar of the Companies.
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

b) In case of Society

  • Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Societies.
  • Memorandum of Association of Society.
  • Rules & Regulations of the Society.

c) In case of Trust

  • Registered Trust Deed.

d) In case of Partnership Firm

  • Form A and Form B issued by the Registrar of Firms.
  • Partnership Deed.

6. Documents to establish source of financing.

  • Own funds : Photocopy of listed company’s Shares / NSCs / Bonds / FDRs or Liquidity certificate from any Nationalized Bank / Scheduled Bank.
  • Loan : From friends / relatives – Liquidity certificate from any Nationalized / Scheduled Bank of such friends / relatives with supporting affidavit. or Form bank or any financial institution – Letter from bank stating that they have in principal agreed to consider the project for financing.

7. Affidavit of the applicant certifying that all the statements made in application / Annexures are true and correct.

8. Net worth from Financial Statement, where Net Worth statement are to be certified by the statutory auditors / chartered accountant of the company.

9. Turnover certificate duly attested by CA having turnover of last 3 preceding financial years.

10. Affidavit of the applicant certifying whether he is applying for the 1st time.

Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme Brochure PDF

The Brochure of Yamuna Expressway Residential Plots and Industrial Plots  can be downloaded from below link in PDF format http://yamunaexpresswayauthority.com/pdfdata/yeida-brouchure-new-10-2-2021.pdf  

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