PMAY (Urban) -CSMC Sanctions 128509 Affordable Houses for Urban Poor

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Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has approved the construction of 1,28509 housing units for urban poor people under PMAY (Urban). The approval was given in the 31st meeting of the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committe in its meeting. The government has decide to investment of Rs.9,365 core including central assistance of Rs.1,928 core.

The Central Government has sanctioned total 1,28,509 houses in 184 cities of states Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Punducherry (UT). PMAY-Housing For All is flagship scheme of central government to provide affordable houses to EWS, LIG, MIG and HIG groups till 2022.

PMAY-U Affordable Houses, Investment and Assistance in 31st Meeting

The project has sanctioned across 184cities of states Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Punducherry (UT). The details of affordable housing units, inestment and assistance are given below

S.No Name of State No. of Houses No. of Cities & Towns Investment Central Assistance
1 Chhattisgarh 28,029 Houses 54 Rs.1,151 Crore Rs.420 Crore
2 Haryana 62,451 houses 33 Rs.6,844 Crore Rs.937 Crore
3 Uttar Pradesh 36,056 Houses 95 Rs.1,287 Crore Rs.541 Crore
4 Puducherry 1,973 Houses 2 Rs.83 Crore Rs.30 Crore
5 Total 1,28,509 84 Rs.9,365 Crore Rs.1,928 Crore

The approval accorded was for construction of 51,940 new houses under the Beneficiary Led Construction (BLC) component of PMAY (Urban), 15033 in Uttar Pradesh 10,572 in Chattisgarh, 2049 houses in Haryana, 1,973 in Puducherry, total 54,560 in Haryana, 4,552 in Uttar Pradesh and 17,457 in chhattisgarh under Affordable Housing in Partnership component.

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    how to check the payments of pmay urban in a custemers account. please trace the procedure

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