PMAY-G – Target of 51 lakh Houses by Government

June 2, 2017 | By user | Filed in: Housing News.

Government set target to construct 1 crore houses by year 2019. Now government is prepared to achieve it’s target to construct 51 lakh houses in year 2017-18. Construction of houses will be done under revised PMAY-G. According to a report more than 32 lakh housing units has been completed in financial year 2017 & 18 lakh units in year 2016. Also they has a target to build 3 crore houses for poor in rural areas in upcoming 7 years.

It is estimated that construction will be done within 18 months-3 years. Government is trying to cut down construction time period upto 6-12 months. As per revised housing scheme, 15,000 houses has been constructed till now.

Rs. 15,000 crore has been allotted in budget this year. Government has allotted Rs. 1,20,000, which is almost double. Earlier Rs. 75,000 were provided. Area of housing unit is also expand upto 25 sq. meter.

Government organized survey for 3.92 crore houses to find the numbers of candidates who could not get benefits of housing scheme. Around 2.26 crore candidates were found eligible according to Socio Economic & Caste Census Data.


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