Andhra Pradesh Govt Construct 4 Lakh Houses for BPL under NTR Rural Housing Scheme 2018-19

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The state government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to construct 4 lakh new houses for BPL families under NTR Rural Housing Scheme for the financial year 2019-20.

Total estimated cost for housing project is Rs.6648.60 crore and Rs.6448.60 crore will be spent on construction of houses, Rs.200 crore for the development of infrastructure facilities. Kantilal Dande, Ex-officio secretary to the government of Andhra Pradesh released the Go in this regard on Tuesday.

Details of AP 4 Lakh houses for BPL under NTR Rural Housing Scheme

The scheme will be implemented dovetailing with MGNREGS scheme. The Andhra Pradesh government will constructed these houses in plinth area between minimum 250 square feet square area and maximum 750 square feet area. The unit cost of these houses will be decide Rs.2 lakh for SC/ST category and Rs.1.5 lakh for other.

The state government of Andhra Pradesh will provide subsidy of Rs.1,66,500 to SC/ST family for each unit and additional subsidy of Rs.3000 will be given by Rural Development Department. MGNREGS scheme funds will be Rs.30450/-. The total value of each unit is Rs.2 lakh.

The state government will give the subsidy Rs.116550 for other category, additional subsidy by the government is Rs.3000 and MGNREGS scheme funds is Rs.30,450. The total cost of unit is Rs.150000 for other category. Unit cost is Rs.50,000 less for other compared to the Sc/ST beneficiaries under the NTR Rural Housing Scheme.

The houses under this housing Scheme will be constructed in 4 different locations basing on the urban and rural population. Plan has been drawn for construction of houses in pure rural areas, mixed rural areas, pure urban areas and mixed urban areas. The total houses the share of SCs is 17.10 %, STs is 5.33 % and the rest is for others. SC beneficiaries may get 68,400 housing units, ST beneficiaries will get 21320 houses and the remaining 310280 houses for others.

As per information the construction process will begin in the financial year 2018-19 and directives will be given for identification of beneficiaries. As per the norms the homeless BPL families are eligible for the NTR Rural Housing Scheme 2018-19. The applicant should have Aadhar Card, white ration card and applicant should live in kutcha house or in the house in dilapidated condition for the application for NTR Rural Housing Scheme 2018-19.

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